2012 Exhibitors

First Name Last Name Discipline Booth # Street Website
Michael Kensinger Fiber 24 E Red Road
Tiffany Kimmet Photography 4 E Red Road Link
Anne Kindl Drawing 1 A Pink Path Link
Keith Kinney Wood 28 KL Blue Lagoon Link
Corie Kline 2D and 3D Mixed Media 35 G Yellow Court Link
James Klinger Ceramics 28 I Blue Lagoon Link
Caroline Koons Ceramics 31 K Purple Parkway
Kent Kraus Sculpture 13 D Blue Lagoon Link
Ronetta Krause Jewelry 36 I Yellow Court
Janet Kreis Sculpture 1 M Pink Path
Jerry Krider Wood 14 C Blue Lagoon
Jeff Kuhns Ceramics 3 A Orange Avenue
Kathryn Laibson Leather 15 B Red Road
Jeff Laibson Painting 15 C Red Road Link
Kate Lally Ceramics 30 B Gourmet Arts Link
Ira Lances Fiber 26 C White Way Link
Barbara Lash 2D and 3D Mixed Media 3 C Orange Avenue
Tom Lazar Photography 12 D Blue Lagoon Link
Mary & Jon Lee Jewelry 3 F Orange Avenue
Doug Lehnhardt Painting 28 D Blue Lagoon Link
David Leidy Glass 11 D Blue Lagoon Link
Zhiyi Li Painting 15 Q Red Road
Kevin Liang Painting 30 D Gourmet Arts Link
Rod Lindauer Sculpture 15 GH Red Road
Robert Linn Wood 30 G Gourmet Arts